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Wallstreet and only Wallstreet will decide when the suffering ends.
Wallstreet uses Meadlock's own shirt to strangle him.
Wallstreet prepares to destroy the worn down Meadlock.
Wallstreet digs into Meadlock's eyes.
Meadlock grimaces in pain as Wallstreet claws his pecs.
Meadlock continues to suffer as Wallstreet claws his pecs.

Ripped Wallstreet traps Meadlock in a rib crushing bearhug.
Wallstreet goes low and squeezes tight on Meadlock's lower rib area.
Meadlock slumps over Wallstreet after having passed out from the pain.
Meadlock's carcass lies unconscious.

Now it's Meadlock's turn to crush Wallstreet's ribs.
Meadlock pulls in tight, you can see Wallstreet arch in agony.
Wallstreet wraps his legs around Meadlock as his ribs snap.
Wallstreet lies unconscious after passing out in the bear hug.

A back and forth ab attack.
Meadlock lines up Wallstreet and hammer's away at his abs.
Wallstreet delivers a knee to Meadlock's abs.

A 21 minute battle you'll remember.
Wallstreet attacks the ankle of Meadlock.
Meadlock fights to stay conscious in Wallstreet's sleeper.
Meadlock puts all his weight on the throat of Wallstreet trying to crush his larnyx.
Wallstreet is dazed as Meadlock sets up the grapevine.
In the end, Meadlock is victorious and Wallstreet it out.

It started when Lorenzo wanted to congratulate Wallstreet.
Wallstreet begins a brutal, unsportsmanlike, attack of Lorenzo.
Lorenzo fights to breathe in a tight sleeper.
Wallstreet stands on Lorenzo's throat.
Wallstreet continues to attack Lorenzo's throat, this time using the ring rope.
Wallstreet looks at the damage he caused to Lorenzo's body.

Braddock found out Wallstreet was talking badly about his girlfriend...Wallstreet's ex.
Wallstreet in agony as Braddock applies the surfboard.
Braddock attacks Wallstreet's abs.
Braddock tries to snap the spine of Wallstreet.
Wallstreet can't breathe, Braddock chokes him hard.
Wallstreet is badly beaten and out cold.

If you like little men vs big men you'll love this.
Krush lays a heavy forearm into the back of Wallstreet.
Krush's massive arms wrap around Wallstreet nearly crushing the little man.
Wallstreet shocks the world when he takes the big man down.
Krush is stunned after a leg drop from Wallstreet.
The little man has crushed, Krush.

They fought before...Wallstreet wanted another shot.
Dave Calbrese is stunned when Wallstreet takes control early.
Wallstreet presses his foot into the throat of a cornered Dave Calbrese.
Dave has had his ass handed to him this match...but is he playing possum?
Near the end of the fight, Calbrese scoops up Wallstreet and slams him hard to the canvas.
Wallstreet knocked unconscious.

A LONG fight that brings one fighter crashing down hard.
Wallstreet is trapped in a painful full nelson.
Calbrese bearhugs Wallstreet.
Wallstreet struggles to remain conscious as Calbrese sleepers him tight.
Calbrese goes airborne enroute to crushing Wallstreet.
Wallstreet ain't going nowhere.

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